Puget Sound Chapter
Volvo Sports America
THE Car Club in Washington for Owners of Classic Volvos
Welcome to the Puget Sound Chapter of Volvo Sports America.  PSVSA has been
in existence since 1995 and offers a wide variety of activities for its members.  We
hope you enjoy this website and, if living in the Pacific Northwest, that you'll join
us for an event and join PSVSA/VSA.
Volvo Sports America was founded in September 1976 by Jon Keebler and David Pollock, both
1800 buffs, in Philadelphia, PA.  There are now over 1,200 members from coast to coast, in
Canada and around the world.  The club's purpose is to encourage the ownership, proper
operation, maintenance and restoration of all Volvo 1800 series and other vintage Volvos and to
serve as a source of technical information and exchange.  As of 2003, VSA has opened its
membership to any owner of an out of production model Volvo.

Local chapters throughout the United States and Canada and around the world hold regular
meetings, technical sessions, swap meets, and various other events to help members care for
their Volvos.  National meets are held on an occasional basis on east and west coasts.

The Puget Sound Chapter of Volvo Sports America was started in 1995 with Gary Ramstad as
the first Coordinator of the club.  He remains in that position today.  This is one of the most
active chapters in the U.S. with many events throughout the year.

Gary is a Volvo man from way back.  He joined the Volvo Club of America back in 1984 and
started the new Pacific NW Chapter for Washington, Oregon and Idaho with other directors in
1987.  Gary joined Volvo Sports America in 1991 and has been coordinator for the Chapter since
1995.  He currently owns three classic Volvos, a 1962 PV544, a 1967 122 which has won two
first places and two second places in past west coast VSA meets.  In 2005 he purchased a 1967

Since that time, Gary has worked very diligently to make PSVSA a very active and successful
chapter.  He organized the first VSA car corral for the Pacific Raceways Historic Races that has
been an annual event since 1994. Gary also is serving as Vice President of VSA.

Gail Ritchie is our Assistant Chapter Coordinator and Webmaster.  She also serves on the Board
of VSA and as VSA Merchandising Manager for their new line of logo merchandise.  She also
is a long time Volvo lover since age 13 when her godmother drove up in her brand new 1965

Gail purchased that 1800S from her godmother in 1973 and drove it as a daily driver for 12
years before being forced to sell it due to unemployment.  It was 15 years before she could
afford another one.  In 2000, Gail purchased a 1969 1800S which she diligently restored for
10 years until again being forced to sell.  She is now "Volvoless".

Come join us for an event!

Gary Ramstad
Chapter Coordinator
Phone:  206/365-6913

Gail Ritchie
Asst. Chapter Coord.
Phone:  253/267-0096
Volvo High Mileage Badge is Back

Volvo has begun offering their high mileage badges again.  They are completely different
than those previously produced and won't match any others that you currently have.  They
also are no longer free - cost is $16.  But, at least they are available.  You now have to have
at least 150,000 miles to qualify.  This is a new link as of July 2011 but it doesn't tell you how
to purchase one.

Click here for link to website.

Badges are available in 150,000, 300,000 and 500,000 miles increments.
(See event schedule for details)

April 2nd - Volvo GT Meeting
April 13th - PSVSA Spring Rain or Shine Volvo Tailgate Swap Meet at Juanita Beach park
April 19th - 5th Annual Volvo & Saab Car Show at Nordic Museum
May 7th - Volvo GT Meeting
May 17th - Ballard Norwegian Parade
May 17th - IPD Annual Garage Sale, Volvo Show, Portland, OR

3333 S 38th ST, Tacoma
First Saturday of Each Month

Central Market
15505 Westminster Way, Shoreline
May thru September 8am to 10am
The 8th annual Swedish  car Cruise-In at the XXX Drive-In in Issaquah on February 16th
was again a big success with 38 Saabs and 76 Volvos for a total of 114 cars.
Howard Haefner's custom
made jacket honoring the 50th
anniversary of the Volvo 1800
model (with his own show class