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2005 Event Photos
Our first trip to Van Zandt, a tiny town on Hwy 9 near Bellingham, was our wettest one yet.  
It basically poured the whole day and ended with thunder and lightening on the way home.  
We still managed to have a good time.  We had sandwiches made up at "Everybody's Store"
and found shelter across the street in a park that had a nice gazebo.
Van Zandt Cruise - April 2005
Snoqualmie Valley Cruise - March 2005
Our first cruise of the season, the
Snoqualmie Valley Cruise was wet
also and as you can see below, we
did'nt get to each at the beach out in
the sunshine like the last time.

We ended up at Gail Ritchie's house
for an indoor picnic lunch.
Snohomish Cruise - September 2005
Out last cruise of the year
was to Snohomish.  It was
overcast but didn't rain
much so we had a lovely
drive through the
Snohomish Valley and
lunch at a Mexican
Restaurant that was great.

A little antiquing
afterwards was fun too.
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