PSVSA Volvo GT Club
THE Car Club in Washington for Owners of Classic Volvos
Gary Ramstad's Volvo GT (gray top) Club was started up so Gary and other gray
top retired guys (of gals) wouldn't have to go 3 or 4 months withing talking about
Volvos with other classic Volvo lovers.

The Club offers an open forum for discussion on classic Volvos including
restorations, problems, etc. along with discussing the PSVSA Schedule of events
and other items of interest to members.

The Volvo GT Club meets the first Wednesday of each month at 10:00am all year
long at Third Place Bookstore in the Lake Forest Park Towne Center shopping
mall.  17171 Bothell Way NE at the intersection of Bothell Way and Ballinger
Way, north end of Lake Washington.

Everyone that is available during the week is welcome!

Contact Gary Ramstad if you have any questions.

Phone:  206/365-6913